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Press Release
We are pleased to announce that RCD and Gowanda, NY (USA) are now officially operating as one.

As  the leader in passive component manufacturing,(including resistors,  capacitors, coils and delay lines), we pledge our continued commitment  to enabling your commercial, military & aerospace design success and  will deliver additional benefits from this acquisition:

Customer-Centric Solutions
We  believe that with our combined strengths we can develop unique  solutions to design challenges. The integration work has begun with a  key focus on developing and enhancing business processes and providing  solutions to enable customers to simplify their buying experience while  simultaneously offering a greater breadth of parts including magnetic  devices, specialty filters and custom designs.

The Same but Different
As  we work to deliver the value of the combined companies, we are equally  focused on protecting our relationships. While a lot is happening behind  the scenes, customers, representatives and distributors will work with  the same RCD team and RCD will maintain its operations in Manchester, NH  with our support facilities in the Caribbean and Asia.

For  RCD, it will always be about the customer. For the past 5 decades, our  goal has been 100% customer satisfaction and this will never change. We  are dedicated to increasing the quality of support you have come to  expect from RCD, without interruption. All order procedures and contacts  for RCD products remain unchanged so please continue to use the same  channels you’ve been using. In addition, our outside sales reps and  distributors remain the same.

Thank you for your continued support and confidence.

Mike Arcidy
President RCD Components

MaryJo Allen,
RCD National Sales Manager

About Gowanda Components Group:
Gowanda  Components Group (GCG) is a US-based, vertically integrated  manufacturer of high performance and tight tolerance electronic  components that address the needs of electronic design engineers around  the world. Areas of expertise include magnetic devices, specialty  filters and custom designs. GCG’s design capabilities and products  enhance the performance and reliability of electronic systems in  aerospace and defense, communications infrastructure and medical  applications. The individual business units that support Gowanda  Components Group are Gowanda Electronics, TTE Filters, Instec Filters,  Communication Coil, Butler Winding, Microwave Circuits, DYCO  Electronics, HiSonic, Gowanda REM-tronics and now RCD Components.

About RCD Components:
RCD  Components (est. 1973) is a leading manufacturer of resistors,  capacitors, coils and delay lines for the commercial, military and  aerospace industries. The company’s strengths include an Absolute Zero  Defect program (ABZEDTM), a wide range of standard and customized  products and short lead-times. The company’s main facility is in  Manchester, New Hampshire. Additional facilities in the Caribbean and  Asia provide support for medium to high volume production.

Contact Us:
520 East Industrial Park.
Manchester, NH USA 03109-5316
Tel: (603) 669-0054
Fax: (603) 669-5455
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RCD Components is an affiliate of Gowanda Components Group.
All the affiliates of GCG can be viewed here.
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