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Your requirement is in our stock. Now.
You’re going to get the resistors, capacitors and inductors you need when you need them.
We’re serious about prompt and on-time delivery. We’ve tripled our inventory and can now offer delivery to even our high volume customers directly from stock.
We’ve added manufacturing capability in N.H. to back-up offshore capacity with additional state of the art equipment.
We’ve broadened our distribution base so now it’s even easier to buy RCD components.

More types.
More ratings.
More innovations.
Than anyone.
RCD ’s inventory doesn’t just include the most popular items, but an unlimited variety of resistors, capacitors and inductors in a wide range of styles, values, and sizes.
Over 3000 standard stock items of resistors, capacitors and inductors enables quick deliveries from small to large volumes.
RCD’s product breakthroughs result in a greater choice for you. We’ve developed more new products over the past few years than most of our competitors offer in their entire line. Of course RCD is the leader in SMD development.
And if not a standard stock item, try our unique SWIFT program for quick delivery, often within 1 week! Even on custom resistors and networks.
If you’re caught in a shortage, don’t risk a line shutdown while waiting for delivery... try our SWIFT service!

The SWIFT program was developed to provide prompt resistor delivery to customers caught in a bind. Average lead time is one week* (moderate premium charge applies). Available on precision and power wirewounds, metal film, low-ohm, fusible, surge resistant and temperate sensitive resistors. Also available on some surface mount resistors, custom networks ,capacitors, inductors, and delay lines.
* Lead time is highly dependent on type, tolerance, quantity, and existing backlog. Consult factory.

The best passives at the best prices. Period.
We’re in the market to sell passives and our rapid growth proves it.

Award winning quality!
Over the past dozen years, RCD was the only major resistor manufacturer to have a flawless track record according to Government-Industry (GIDEP) records. To see how seven other manufacturers stack up, GIDEP Article as seen in a recent issue from U.S.Tech magazine.

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