Low Cost Subcontract Assembly Services

RCD began offering subcontract assembly services nearly 30 years ago, long before “outsourcing” became a household word. The service started at the request of a few customers who had visited our offshore resistor plants. Upon learning of our cost advantages, they asked if we’d consider assembling their products. Since that time, we’ve been involved in contract assembly as an important value-added service to our customers. Over half of our assembly projects are specialty items, those that don’t quite “fit” with the major CEM’s, so don’t hesitate asking us to quote on uncommon projects.


Our assembly services offer significant cost savings without the problems often associated with subcontract ventures and Maquiladoras. Projects are handled by the N.H. facility as if we were an extension of your own production plant. Our experience offers obvious advantages over the typical subcontractor…

  • Engineering: our staff can assist in the design, test and troubleshooting phase of development
  • Quality: Your assemblies will be given the same commitment to detail that has earned RCD an enviable reputation for highest quality products.
  • Local Support: RCD’s NH subcontract specialists are available to coordinate the design, training, scheduling, testing, shipping, regulatory audits, custom clearance, etc. We’re immediately available in the event of a design change or quality concern.
  • Manufacturing Capability: Our expertise results in a high degree of skill in areas such as high density PCB’s, micro-miniature assemblies, microwave products, cable harnesses, etc.
  • Cost: With consideration of offshore labor rates and zero-defect quality, it is certain that the value of RCD’s professional service is more than competitive.
Electro-Mechanical and PCB Assembly

Offers fast entry to market with components and materials sourced by RCD (or customer supplied). Surface mount, through-hole, or mixed technologies, RoHS compatible, aqueous or vapor cleaning, CAD-design, MIL-883 QC inspection and processing.

General Assembly, Component Prep and Taping Services

Consider RCD for your component prep services including axial/radial/surface mount taping, lead forming, marking, and hot-solder dipping. We also provide general assembly services such as hand soldering, welding, conformal coating, potting and encapsulation.

Laser Trimming Services

Laser trimming is available in passive or active processing, thick or thin-film resistor networks, hybrids and chips. Date coding and chip carrier scribing is also available. Statistical analysis and hard copy data provided upon request.

Custom Coil and Transformer Winding

RCD offers single layer, multilayer, perfect layer, and toroidal winding capabilities from 12 to 52 AWG. Bobbin assembly, custom marking and inspection are also available.