In addition to our catalog products, RCD offers hundreds of design variations as well as a wide range of fully customized components. While some other component manufacturers prefer to produce only their standard product line, RCD has been a “specialty” manufacturer for over 3 decades. We don’t mind custom and/or difficult items. in fact, we love a challenge so don’t hesitate to inquire. Single piece quantities to millions of pieces. If you need a resistor that will operate at cryogenic temperatures, in an acidic atmosphere, at frequencies over 100GHz, etc. contact RCD’s engineering department.

Custom Resistive Products

Custom Capacative Products

Custom Inductive Products

Custom Delay Lines & Filters

Custom Hybrid Products

As a thick film specialist, RCD has been supplying premetallized substrates to hybrid manufacturers for years. These substrates typically included all resistors as well as conductor paths and pads, ready for post assembly of additional active or passive components. RCD expanded its capability to include these post assembly operations and began offering completed hybrids in 1979.


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