In addition to our catalog products, RCD offers hundreds of design variations as well as a wide range of fully customized components. While some other component manufacturers prefer to produce only their standard product line, RCD has been a “specialty” manufacturer for over 3 decades. We don’t mind custom and/or difficult items. in fact, we love a challenge so don’t hesitate to inquire. Single piece quantities to millions of pieces. If you need a resistor that will operate at cryogenic temperatures, in an acidic atmosphere, at frequencies over 100GHz, etc. contact RCD’s engineering department.

Custom Resistive Products

  • Wirewound, film, composition & foil technologies
  • Ratings to 300KV, 15KVA, 150KJoule
  • Various heat-sink & water-cooled designs
  • Microwave frequencies (up to 112GHz)
  • Variable resistors/rheostats
  • Shunts & current sense resistors, SM and leaded
  • Load box & grid resistors
  • Capacitor-mount charging resistors
  • Ballast resistors, thermistors, varistors
  • Edgewound & dynamic braking resistors
  • Harsh atmosphere (oil, sulphur, salt water, etc)
  • Embedded Resistors, Polymer Circuits, IPC’s
  • Networks, hybrids, attenuators, LTCC circuits
  • Temperature-sensitive resistors, RTD’s
  • Low distortion audio resistors
  • Fusible resistors (single shot and reettable)
  • Matched paris, sets, networks
  • Thick film on steel (resistors/circuits/networks)
  • Micro-resistors (axial, radial, SM, wirebond)
  • Custom lead forming & extensions, fast-on terminals
  • High vibration, shock and aerospace applications

Custom Capacative Products

  • Tantalum and ceramic (single & multilayer)
  • Resistor/Capacitor snubbers, networks, arrays
  • High voltage (to 40KV)
  • Low ESR
  • High RF power
  • High Q, low dissipation factor
  • Low profile
  • Microwave frequencies up to 100GHz
  • Micro-resistors (axial, radial, SM, wirebond)

Custom Inductive Products

  • Air coils (round & flat wire, leaded or SMD)
  • Spark coil transformers
  • High value inductors (1.0mH to 2H)
  • Toroids (1/8″ to 2″ diameter)
  • Wide band chokes and bead cores
  • Variable coils (shielded, unshielded, SMD)
  • Pot core assemblies
  • Pulse and miniature transformers
  • Hash chokes, bobbin-wound coils
  • Trigger and telecom transformers

Custom Delay Lines & Filters

  • Active or passive technologies
  • Programmable DL’s (3bit to 8bit)
  • High bandwidth frequency
  • Customized circuits with non-linear taps
  • Leading and trailing edge design
  • High Td/Tr ratio, fast rise time
  • Industrial and military temperature range
  • Wide choice of DL logic (Schottky TTL, LSTTL, FAST TTL, ASTTL, 10K ECL, 10KH ECL, 100K ECL, HCMOS & FACT CMOS)
  • Ceramic filters up to 5GHz

Custom Hybrid Producst

As a thick film specialist, RCD has been supplying premetallized substrates to hybrid manufacturers for years. These substrates typically included all resistors as well as conductor paths and pads, ready for post assembly of additional active or passive components. RCD expanded its capability to include these post assembly operations and began offering completed hybrids in 1979.

  • Choice of thick-film or thin-film
  • High volume specialist!
  • SIP, DIP or LCC packages
  • Single or multilayer circuits
  • Precision pattern accuracy to 0.005″ line width and spacing
  • Crossovers and through-hole conductors available
  • Surface Mount soldered or wire bonded
  • Hermetic sealed construction available
  • Wide choice of active and passive components
  • Active or Passive laser-trim capability


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