Carbon Comp Alternatives for Mil/Aero/Space

Carbon Compositions, unobtainable in 1/4w and 1/2w since EOL announcements last year with most suppliers migrating away from this technology.  RCD offers two exceptional alternatives for these Applications.  For the protection of circuits (surge or discharge protection), current limiting, high voltage power supplies, high power or strobe lighting, welding equipment pr meters and other applications, we recommend our CFZ or our PR and PRM  style resistors.

Common applications are medical defibrillators, utility meters which needs to absorb high energy pulses, or a lightning strike.  Remember, High Surge, High Pulse – Think RCD

CFZ Series - High Voltage, Hi Value Carbon Resistors

PR Series Resistor – Surge Resistors, 1/8W to 15W - 2KV to 25K

PRM (surface mount version)

Excellent Low-Cost Replacement for Composition Resistors Series PR pulse resistors withstand higher energy pulses than conventional film & wirewound types, without the performance disadvantages of carbon comp resistors. The heavy-duty construction features a high thermal conductivity core and coating, enabling improved stability and environmental performance. Series PR satisfy a wide variety of pulse applications including lightning, snubber, in-rush current, capacitor charge, etc. RoHS (Sn) or Mil-spec (Sn-Pb) termination finish available.


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