Section 301, Tariffs on Chinese Imports

Dear RCD Customer,

The United States recently passed Section 301 announcing it will impose a 25% tariff on a list of Chinese manufactured goods including many electronic components when imported to the U.S. We are mindful of the effect these new tariffs will have on our customers and are working to mitigate their impact. Fortunately, many RCD customers will never see a tariff surcharge on RCD orders as most RCD parts have a country of origin other than China and these will not have a Section 301 tariff placed upon them.

For those part numbers that are affected, RCD will update pricing by including a 20% tariff line item charge which will affect all current and future shipments received into the United States, including backlog.

To the extent any products imported into the U.S. for customer orders are subject to the new tariffs implemented by the United States Trade Office on July 6, 2018, RCD shall have the right to retroactively adjust its sales price to account for such tariffs.

We appreciate your support as we strive to offer the best possible options for our customers.