RCD Offers Industry’s Highest Ohmic Surface Mount Resistors

Manchester, New Hampshire (USA) – RCD Components, a leading manufacturer of Resistors, Coils, and Delay lines has announced the release of a specialty line of ‘ultra’ high resistance chip resistors. RCD’s new series designated ‘HR’ (High Resistance Chip Resistors) are designed for precision high-meg ohm requirements where space is at a premium. RCD’s ‘HR’ series are available in a wide range of ‘high’ ohmic resistance’s from 1MW to 1TW, (1012W), the industry’s highest ohmic values available in these surface mount package sizes. Available in three popular package sizes including; 0503, 0805, 1206 sizes, and available with tolerances ranging from ±1% to 20% making them ideal for most hi-meg applications.

RCD’s type ‘HR’ are available in both palladium silver and gold terminations and offer excellent voltage coefficients (.01%/V up to 108W) and TCR performance from .05%/°C. Designed specifically for demanding precision high-meg surface mount applications where reduced board space is essential. The exceptional performance of this series provides new opportunities for design engineers to obtain the utmost in long-term reliability, especially in demanding applications such as medical equipment, aerospace, and many high frequency applications. Combining RCD’s expertise in the field of ultra-precision resistors, with the latest in automated chip resistor production, enables their pricing to be comparable with conventional precision leaded resistors. Typical pricing is less than $1.00 each in production volumes.

For samples or detailed product information, contact RCD Components Inc., at 520 East Industrial Park Drive, Manchester, NH USA 03109. Phone: (603) 669-0054, Toll Free Order Hot Line: (877) RCD-COMP, Fax: (603) 669-5455. The specifications for this product may also be accessed at or by dialing RCD’s “Fax on Demand” service at (603) 669-0054 ext. 602. (document # 122)

For more information regarding pricing and delivery or for assistance with customer-specific designs please contact RCD at +1-603-669-0054 or

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