Worldwide Manufacturing

Our New Hampshire factory serves as headquarters for our manufacturing operations. Sales, Engineering, Manufacturing, Final QC, Inventory and Reliability functions are conducted here. The N.H. plant manufactures primarily smaller quantities and SWIFTTM orders, as well as precision, custom, and military devices. Additional products are produced in Europe, while low-cost volume efficiency is attained at the Caribbean and Asian facilities.

Product Quality & Performance

Our award-winning ABZEDTM program is achieving Six Sigma PPM quality levels, and even PPB (parts per billion) on some products. Our goal thoguh, is nothing short of ABZED quality (ABsolute ZEro Defects). It’s RCD’s sincere dedication to quality throughout the design, development, test, and production processes that differentiates us from others. Some customers never realize our performance advantages until performing side-by-side testing. Component preconditioning coupled with highest grade materials ensures superior performance. Our QA system and products meet various EIA and Military specifications, as well as the following standards (as applicable):

SWIFTTM Delivery

We’re serious about prompt and on-time delivery. RCD maintains one of the largest inventories in the industry. Out multi-billion piece of inventory doesn’t just include the most popular items, but includes a wide range of styles, values, tolerances and sizes not normally stocked by other firms. And if unavailable from stock, our exclusive SWIFTTM services is available on most products, enabling production in as little as 3 days (moderate premium charge applies, lead time depends on type and quantity). Available on leaded and SM precision and power resistors, metal film, fusible, low-ohm, surge and temperature sensitive resistors, as well as custom networks, shunts, capacitors, inductors, jumpers and delay lines.

Breadth of Line

RCD offers one of the widest range of passives in the world! For instance, we offer resistors from:

But it’s not just the selection of product families that sets us apart, it’s the range within each product family. If you compare one of our products with an “equivalent” one from a competitor, you’ll notice that in just about every instance, we offer a much wider range of values, sizes and options.


RCD has been active in environmental causes for decades (it’s no coincidence that our logo is green). All products are available in RoHS-compliant version (termination”W”). Most are also available with SnPb plating (termination “Q”).

Industry's Lowest Prices

RCD’s reputation for unsurpasses quality sometimes gives the impression that we’re a “pricey” company… no true. Our exceptional process-quality results in low manufacturing costs since we rarely have scrap or rework. Our pricing is generally quite attractive compared to competitors (including importers with little or no quality control). All things considered, our company is an excellent choice for any company interested in lowering its overall passive component procurement costs. Although RCD’s unit prices are typically 10% to 30% below competitors, when considering the hidden costs of late delivery, discrepant product, and poor service, RCD offers even far larger advantages. The best components at the best prices, period.

Award Winning Engineering

Advancements in materials and manufacturing processes have resulted in many performance and pricing breakthroughs. Extreme conditions are probed to determine optimum designs for highest stability and reliability. Electronic Products magazine awarded RCD ‘Product of the Month’ on two occasions for space-saving inductor and power resistor designs, as well as the coveted ‘Product of the Year’ award for TO220 heat sink resistors, the only resistor product awarded in over 25 years! On-site design and machine shop capabilities enable quick tooling of new products at minimal expense. Since our inception, RCD’s forte has been in customized products. While other firms force customers into their standard catalog products, RCD offers dozens of design variations (many of which are not listed on data sheets) to ensure that each item is optimized for the specific application, often with little or not extra cost.

MIL-SPEC Screening

RCD offers a full gamut of Lab Testing for critical-use applications such as military, medical, aerospace. These hi-rel components are available with burn-in, Group A/B screening and a host of stress tests…


Our customer service team wants to do more than meet your expectations… we want you to be delighted! Among the many factors distinguishing RCD from other manufacturers are our service-related qualities such as JIT delivery, overall flexibility, and ironclad warranty. We firmly believe in PIE (Partners In Excellence) principals, and are most interested in joining with our customers and vendors in building long term relationships and mutually beneficial partnerships, striving for 100% customer satisfaction. Contact our Customer Satisfaction (Sales) team or Field reps and find out for yourself just how: RCD MAKES THE DIFFERENCE!